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  • 9 Lessons Learned from Mentor Executives

    9 Lessons Learned from Mentor Executives

    There are many reasons that we may seek a relationship with a mentor.  Some look for answers or solutions to problems they are facing in their work. Some need a sounding board as they talk through their unique scenario. Some want a cheerleader of sorts, a mentor who celebrates their efforts and accomplishments. Some simply […]

  • 10 Reasons to Become a Mentor

    10 Reasons to Become a Mentor

    As mentioned in other LevelNext blog posts, the rewards of being a mentor can come in many forms.  Professionals who embrace mentorship have long since acknowledged the benefits of helping others towards their own goals and aspirations.  Like your Mom always taught you, it’s always better to give than receive. But in giving back, you’re […]

  • Finding your best Career Mentor

    Finding your best Career Mentor

    A career mentor is a trusted resource who should help you make more sense of your career path.  We understand it can be a bit nerve wracking when trying to identify the right mentor for you. While finding a mentor who is the best fit might take some extra effort and consideration, we are here […]

  • The Fulfillment of Mentorship

    The Fulfillment of Mentorship

    As business professionals in the present day, we are expected to thrive while juggling countless responsibilities.  Capturing our own versions of success can feel overwhelming. It’s certainly a frantic playground we live in.  Oftentimes, it feels as though when we have reached our perceived limit, we are tasked with more. Along the way we usually, […]

  • Is it Too Late to Make a Career Change?

    Is it Too Late to Make a Career Change?

    During your career you’re likely to face significant changes.  Whether those changes are brought on by outside influences (think the recession of 2008), or changes are self related (burnout, the desire to move into another industry, being laid off, etc), career changes aren’t  a matter of if, but when.  The average number of jobs the […]

  • What Nelson Mandela’s Mentor Taught Him

    What Nelson Mandela’s Mentor Taught Him

    Nelson Mandela is universally regarded as a phenomenal leader. Known for being the first President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, and prior to that a revolutionary and political leader who countless people revered and respected, Mandela’s case study is a fascinating one.  Though viewed as a controversial figure for much of his life, […]

  • Statistics and the Demand for Mentorship

    Statistics and the Demand for Mentorship

    While the general consensus towards mentorship programs is favorable, statistics always tell their own story.  The quantifiable data points below serve to prove the desire for, the effectiveness of, and the real value of mentorship through platforms like LevelNext. These statistics originate from third parties.  First, let’s set the table on why mentorship is growing […]

  • 6 Principles of Mentorship

    6 Principles of Mentorship

    Approaching the role of a mentor can be an exciting time. Often, the opportunity is filled with excitement, with feelings of validation and optimism for all the lessons and wisdom you’ll be able to impart to mentees. However, as the time draws near to begin the mentorship engagement, questions arise on how to best fulfill […]

  • Freedom, Direction, and Career Changes

    Freedom, Direction, and Career Changes

    How many jobs do you expect to have during your career?  It’s a fascinating question for all of us, regardless of talent or industry focus.  To properly illustrate, let’s begin with an assumption that is likely to be generally accepted:  Gone are the days of working for one business for the duration of an entire […]

  • Coaching Trees and Legacy

    Coaching Trees and Legacy

    All of us are familiar with family trees.  At the bottom of a family tree diagram we can track a family’s pedigree by moving upward to parents, grandparents, great grandparents and beyond. The family tree is an interesting exercise with universal appeal. They have received added interest with the emergence of cutting-edge technology which allows […]