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3 Ways to Avoid Blowing Away With the Winds of Change

We live in a world of uncertainty. What seems constant and ubiquitous can be gone in a moment once the winds of change start to blow. Companies that once felt untouchable are announcing layoffs and It seems like just yesterday when the soda and boba purveyors that dot every corner used to be froyo shops. So once those winds start blowing how do you make sure that you’ve got the skills to navigate the tumultuous flow of change?   

Build deep roots.

When it comes to weathering the elements there is no better example than the humble tree. Each time a little tree is pushed by a gust of wind it starts growing more supporting cells and builds itself a little more strength. Even in times of light wind strong trees are starting to build stronger stems and deeper roots. For humans, we need to be constantly learning new skills and fortifying our existing skill sets. Roles and jobs that are comfortable don’t challenge us to build those additional skills and we often aren’t pushing ourselves to grow. Once those winds of change start blowing without the accumulation of new skills, those who haven’t built deep roots tend to be the individuals who are deemed as replaceable or non essential to the future growth of the company and can struggle to find their next role. Whereas, the individuals that have been pushing themselves and adding additional skills and value are the ones that survive layoffs or are the most resilient as they move to a new opportunity or company. 

Build a network.

It’s dangerous to go alone. The old adage it takes a village applies to your professional career as well. If you’re trying to do everything by yourself, that’s a lot of pressure to put on one person. Look for ways to grow in the community of your chosen vocation.Whether it be LinkedIn, community events, meetups, Reddit, or even attending neighborhood or social get togethers, there are ways to network for both the introvert and extrovert alike. Having a group of people in your corner can be invaluable. The more professionals that can speak to just how incredible an individual you are, the greater your opportunities will be should you find yourself at the mercy of the winds of change.

Build a side hustle.

You are an incredibly talented individual. Why should only others make money off your skills? When the going gets tough, it’s great to have a fallback. Something that can give you a little extra in the good times or support you through the lean times a side hustle can be there when traditional avenues fail you. There is no shortage of ways you can bring in a little bit of extra income. Teaching, gig economy roles, or even making some viral tiktoks could be a valuable way to invest your time and skills. Share with the world your unique talents but don’t forget to make sure you’re compensated for them! There is a fine line between hobby and hustle.

Bonus Tip: Get a mentor.

The research doesn’t lie. From as far back as ancient Greece, people have excelled because they were being mentored. A good mentor can help you accumulate skills to build deep roots, introduce you to their robust network, and help walk you through building your own side business or hustle. A mentor is literally the easiest and most effective way to build a future proof foundation that can withstand the winds of change. What would normally take you years can be accomplished in months with the right mentor on your team. 

It’s up to you how you want to future proof yourself. Just don’t wait for the wind to start blowing before you get started. The best time to prepare for a storm is when the sun is still shining. My recommendation is to find a mentor and start building those skills so that the next time those winds of change start blowing you can sit back and watch the show with the confidence that you’re not going anywhere and no matter how hard that wind blows you can tell it to go fly a kite.  

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