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Get to know Amanda Jenen — HR Manager

“We get the most meaning from our lives by being able to help and serve others.”

Amanda Jenen

Amanda Jenen is a self-proclaimed advocate for helping others. Throughout her 20+ year career, Amanda has worked her way through several industries and roles ranging from her first job in the semiconductor industry to her current position as an HR manager at American United Federal Credit Union. After getting her start as a manufacturing specialist at Fairchild in 2002, Amanda climbed the corporate ladder to become a device engineering technician by the time she graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Eventually, Amanda transitioned to the telecommunications industry in 2016 where she soon developed a passion and talent for working with people. This helped Amanda naturally progress from various project management roles to HR, a field where she could train and work with people one-on-one more often. To this day, Amanda accredits some of her past mentors as playing a significant role in helping her career flourish, a reason why she now looks to pass on her knowledge and expertise to others through LevelNext. 

We sat down with Amanda to gather her thoughts on the role of mentorship in the modern workplace. Here are some highlights: 

Q: What qualities do you think make a good mentor? 

“A good mentor is like a magical mirror that shows you your best self. But at the same time, they’re also acting as a rock tumbler to break down and smooth out some of those rough edges. They see the gem inside, they see that potential, and they know exactly what they need to do to bring that potential out.” 

Q: How do you think mentorship can change the world for the better? 

“Whenever another human being is willing to give you their time, energy and care, it is a tremendous gift both professionally and personally. When somebody cares enough to want to pull you up and help you grow, then that is a benefit to both the person giving and the person receiving it…I think that mentorship is possible through human connection and through caring about the growth of another person, and that adds meaning to your professional life and personal life and just helps build more goodness in the world.”

Q: What goal do you want to accomplish through mentoring with LevelNext? 

“I want to serve where I can. I want to help whoever is in front of me see the jewel that is inside and help them knock the rough edges off. The joy of being able to watch somebody grow, develop, and achieve their dreams is so meaningful to me. If I can make a difference in somebody’s day, week, or life — even if it’s just one time where they feel like ‘this person saw me’ — that is enough.”

If you want to get mentored by Amanda, click here to apply and sign up with LevelNext today.

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