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Finding your best Career Mentor

A career mentor is a trusted resource who should help you make more sense of your career path. 

We understand it can be a bit nerve wracking when trying to identify the right mentor for you. While finding a mentor who is the best fit might take some extra effort and consideration, we are here to help. 

At LevelNext, our process for vetting potential mentors is something we take very seriously. Those who qualify to become a mentor on our platform have met various qualification particulars, while displaying solid career success of their own. In addition, these individuals have aced our interview process and shown they have the ability to communicate resolutely and lead effectively. Regardless if their background is most aligned within technology, marketing, content creation, entrepreneurship, or beyond, their leadership brings unique value to our platform, and to you.

A mentor who is truly serious about your success will act like a personalized advocate. They will understand how to set relevant goals, navigate potential career changes, give advice rooted in experience, and help chart clear paths to your version of success. 

As you begin to consider who might be the best fit as your mentor, keep these statements in mind:

A mentor is someone who has your best interests at heart.  

A mentor is someone who will listen to you. 

A mentor is someone who will help you understand how to take action, and what to avoid. 

A mentor is someone who you should be able to trust. 

And finding the right fit doesn’t need to be as complicated as you might think. Mentees will often over analyze requesting potential suitors for help. This shouldn’t be the case. Remember, mentors on the LevelNext platform are here because they want to be of service to you. They want to help you. 

Don’t let the fear of ‘putting somebody out’ or a fear of rejection keep you from approaching a mentor for an engagement. Our talented pool of mentors consists of professionals with a wealth of knowledge who are anxious to help you get ahead in your career with stronger clarity and purpose. 

When seeking a mentor on our platform, here are a few suggestions to help you identify and engage with a mentor who’s just the right fit. 

  1. Seek compatibility: shared interests, backgrounds, and values might help you to build trust quickly and on common ground from the start. Don’t feel like you have to engage with anyone who you don’t feel comfortable with. 
  2. Create a list and compare: It’s nice to have options. Fortunately for you, LevelNext gives you a variety of mentor options. Compare backgrounds and information between potential mentors, and as you do so you’ll likely be able to decide on the option that feels just right for you. 
  3. Create your elevator pitch: Who are you, what makes you tick, and where are you headed? By forming your own personal elevator pitch, you’ll be able to introduce yourself and make a connection right out of the gates. 
  4. Know your goals: Write down what you hope to accomplish, and communicate that from the outset. If you touch upon your goals with a mentor candidate, they will be able to understand if and how they can best lead you to your desired outcomes. 
  5. Be honest and receptive: Being open to the comments and views of others may feel like a vulnerable place to be, and often it is. Understand that mentors have the same desire that you do – and that’s to see you succeed! Even when you might feel you’re being taken out of your comfort zone, remember your mentor is simply trying to help. As you’re open to new directives, you’ll likely experience new wins. 
  6. Be you, always: Remember, you’re here to give yourself new opportunities and experiences which will lead to growth. But it will only work if you approach it authentically. Genuine connection and meaningful conversations with your mentor can only happen if you’re approaching it with real intent. You’re here to uncover your best, so start by letting your potential mentor know the best version of you. 

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