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Get to know Jake Rushton — Finance Expert and 401(k)lub Founder

“A good mentor looks out for others before themselves.” 

Jake Rushton

Jake Rushton developed an expertise in financial mentorship early on in his 17+ year career. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Utah, Jake originally set his sights on becoming a dentist before falling into the investment industry “by accident” in 2007. At the beginning of his career, Jake worked in various financial roles at companies like Goldman Sachs and Wealth Navigation Advisors LLC before discovering his passion for working with 401ks as a director in retirement at GBS Benefits. Since then, Jake has spent the last seven years building his career around helping other financial advisors understand and sell 401ks effectively. Today, he balances his time running his own 401k-centered business and working as a director of sales and managing director at SRP Intermountain. 

We sat down with Jake to gather his thoughts on the role of mentorship in the modern workplace. Here are some highlights: 

Q: What made you interested in becoming a LevelNext mentor? 

“I just really enjoy leaving an impact. It’s not all about chasing dollars, it’s about what you’re going to do that’s going to be remembered by people and help them more…I’m already heavily involved with individual advisors that need help. I’m really good at sitting down and helping an advisor get further in this industry, so if I can help more people faster, that’s what I’m looking for.” 

Q: Have you ever been mentored by someone? How did that mentorship impact your career or shape you as a person? 

“There have been good and bad ones, and recently, there have been a few great ones. I’ve been working with a new company and have known the two managing partners for about a year and a half now. I told them what I wanted to build, and they were already kind of doing the same thing, so they just gave me direction and were really patient with it. Then when the timing was right, it all came together really well. Now it’s just really great working with them on a daily basis as we try to build something so much bigger.” 

Q: How do you think mentorship can change the world for the better?  

“There’s a lot that can be done in so many different industries to bring in more people and teach them the impact they can leave. I think that’s why I love the 401k industry so much, because you have a reach to so many people…When you think about how people go through their careers, each one is a unique and amazing story full of big ups and downs, so there’s definitely a need for this kind of mentorship everywhere.”

If you want to get mentored by Jake, click here to apply and sign up with LevelNext today.

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